This school is a wonderful studio filled with talented, well-respected teachers. During my years here as a student, I have experienced a good learning environment, excellent instruction, great opportunities, and helpful comments to improve myself. I am filled with excitement every time I choose new repertoire with composers from all music periods and styles, and I am grateful for the numerous competitions and festivals I have participated in. Class times are flexible for my schedule and both the teachers and other students are friendly and easy to get along with.
— Jinny Sun
I think my daughter’s teacher is wonderful… I like her style of teaching… The environment is very conductive to learning.
— Wendi Cottrell
My daughter enjoys coming to piano class since studying with her teacher at the Avloni Academy. The school has excellent teachers, and her teacher is patient and knowledgeable, also passionate in her profession. I am glad, that we’ve come to the right school.
— Annabel Kusuno /Dewi Yamin, Annabel’s mom/
The Academy provides a very supportive environment for my children. I like the fact that both of my kids take different classes at the same time.
— Mathew Lee
It’s very sad we have to move to another state. I know, I won’t find for my son another school like yours with such high standards in teaching music as well as such nice teachers.
— Mark Southerland
My daughter, Abby Foss, has been taking music theory classes this session and actually enjoys it! She took music lessons from someone else prior to coming here. Theory is helping her with piano lessons and she enjoys learning the history and how to listen to music. She resisted another ‘’class’’ at first, but was very happy to continue after the first class!
— Abby Foss / Cathy Foss
I like piano because it is fun and helps me learn many things. My teacher encourages me every lesson. Piano is so fun!
— Billy Bloomqust
Since the beginning of the theory class, my child shows more interests in learning and keeping up with piano practice. I am thankful to the school for offering this class for kids, now they can have the chance to learn music theory and history while they are learning to play an instrument. It is a great opportunity for kids to expand their knowledge and experience in music.
— Bune Bloomquist / Billy’s mom/
I really enjoyed the theory class. It taught me a lot about music theory, music history and ear training. It was a very relaxed atmosphere where all of the students learnt something new. After theory class we would listen to many pieces composed by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and we would give comments on these pieces. The ear training also helped me greatly, and because of the way my teacher explained the identification of the chords, I was easily able to grasp the idea. I finished one entire theory book during the two months’ class. I would always look forward to the theory class now.Overall, this has been a fun, enjoyable, and learning experience for me. I would like to thank Dr.Avloni for her time devotion and patience.
— Preeya Mehta
My daughter really enjoy her lessons. She had fun and at the same time she learned a lot. Thank you!
— Dabria Diaz-Infante
I like Avloni Academy of Music, because I get a chance to play the piano. Learning the piano gives many people a chance to learn an instrument and music, and it is educational. I like this school.
— Jason Tatman
I really enjoyed the theory and ear training part of my class. At first, it was hard, but i figured it out when we practiced each class.
— Aiswarya Sankar