The educational system of Avloni Academy of Music is based on the integration of the best elements of the various schools of Music – Russian Piano and ViolinSchool, American piano methods, Suzuki, Yamaha and Royal School of Music. The Mastermind Committee of AAM, a group of our leading teachers, has created the Syllabi, which determines school teaching methods and repertoire. Based on the Syllabi, we implemented “The Levels” system, which brings transparency to the whole process of student musical development and progress. Based on this system, the school developed Certification Criteria, and depend on it at the end of the year recitals our students receive AAM Levels Certificates up to AAM High School Diploma in Music.


Private lessons are offered on various instruments, voice, music theory, ear-training and composition. Private lessons are offered at the school premises as well as at students’ residences. We have found that private one-on-one instructions allow students to progress at their own pace and gain the best understanding of musical techniques. Students can start private lessons any time of the year and as soon as they turn five. A variety of styles are taught such as classical, pop, rock, and jazz.

AAM offers group Music Theory and Composing classes. At the Music Theory class students prepare for the Certificate of Merit test of the California Music Teachers Association, as well as learn about the Music History and Ear-Training. At the Music Composing class students learn the basic skills for creating music compositions.


Some of the students choose to learn their instrument recreationally and do not take tests. However, many AAM students chose to take one or two tests per year and our teachers fully prepare them for any level of testing. Many students take The Certificate of Merit Test offered by the Music Teachers Association of California. So far all AAM students, who took CM test, had passed it successfully and many of them completed Advanced level test by the end of their High School. Another part of students annually participates at the National Auditions, the piano test, organized by the Piano Guild of the American College of Musicians. We have many students, who completed all the pre college levels of this test and received High School Diploma in Music/Social Music by American College of Musicians. We also prepare students for the annual RCM test and ABRSM Exam, organized by Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. We have helped all of our students, who took exams, to pass them successfully.


Students are given an opportunity to perform in many recitals, including “The Levels”, Winter, Honor, Charity recitals, workshops and master classes. All of our music recitals have free public admission, so the whole family and friends can attend to enjoy the performances.


AAM students participate in various competitions and festivals. Requirements are as follows: a student should be recommended by a teacher, parents should complete the application process on time, and the musical program should be ready to compete.


The preschool music program is a fun, group class for children ages 3 -5, designed to teach the basics of music. All classes are limited to 6 students per class and are 30 or 45 minutes per week. The classes are structured and based on the principles of Orff, Kodaly and Alfred Music Library systems of music education.


This is a group class for children ages 5-6. The classes are 30 or 45 minutes, once a week. Instructions involve elementary note reading, rhythm development, introduction to the basics of the keyboard, music theory and history. This class prepares students for private lessons, and it is also a great enrichment for the 5 or 6year old student who is also involved in private instrument lessons.