The Avloni Academy of Music (AAM) was founded in December 1998 by Dr. Umida Avloni in Lafayette, California. Subsequently the school expanded to Saratoga, San Jose, Mountain View, Cupertino and became the biggest precollege music school in California, operating at 5 locations with over 600 students and a faculty of 38 teachers. Between 2015 and 2019 AAM restructured into a single location located in Saratoga, California, resulting in the sale of four AAM locations to other Bay Area reputable music centers– Pacific Piano School, the Opus 1 Music School and Sonor Music School.

The success of AAM is a combination of a faculty of unparalleled quality, an environment that allows children of all ages to nurture their love for music, and a tailored program for students, including, master classes with world renowned musicians.  

Since 1998, AAM students have won hundreds of top prizes at international, national, regional and local piano competitions, including, but not limited to the US Open Piano Competition, American Protege International Competition, New York International Romantic Competition, San Jose International Piano Competition, American Fine Arts Festival, Junior Bach Festival, Kids Playing The Darndest Things, Performing Arts Society Competition and many others.

In addition to providing students with training on the highest level, AAM works to ensure that serving the community is an essential part of its students’ education. AAM organizes charitable events in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, senior citizen centers, and highly encourages all students to participate.

However, what AAM prides itself most on is being able to provide students of all backgrounds and different goals an education that lasts them a lifetime. AAM students have graduated to pursue Ph.D.’s in the fields of piano, composition and musicology, Bachelors in the field of piano, violin and voice, to teach at universities and other music schools, and to work at radio and TV stations across North America, Asia and Europe.


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Dr. Umida Avloni, Director of the Avloni Academy, immigrated to the United States in 1993 from the former Soviet Union. She has extensive experience teaching piano and music theory in both countries. While living in the former Soviet Union, she worked as an Active Chair of the Department of Eastern music, was a member of the Tashkent Conservatory’s Governing Board and Scientific Committee, served as the Vice-President of the Young Composers’ Association of Soviet Union/Uzbek Division, participated in national and international conferences, symposiums, and music festivals, published numerous articles, and wrote a monograph.

Besides teaching and running the school Dr. Avloni served as a judge at numerous international competitions, including the US Open Music Competition, North China International Piano Competition, World Piano Pedagogy Competition, Junior Bach Festival, The Valencia Young Pianist Competition; adjudicated numerous competitions and tests organized by various musical organizations, including, CAPMT, Cal State Sacramento, NMTA, and MTAC; served as a member of the Master Mind Committee of The Academy of Music and Dance, in Vancouver, Canada, a member of the Board of Directors of the Junior Bach Festival, and as the Director of the Awards for Excellency Competition of CCMTAC.  Her work has been recognized by the National Piano Guild and she was honored to be in the Hall of Fame of the American College of Musicians. At the same time Dr. Avloni has maintained contacts with her Alma Mater - Tashkent Conservatory and Uspensky School of Music, where in addition to other music schools, she continues to give lectures and has taught numerous master classes.